Changes to Covid

Changes to COVID operational plan

  • There will be NO masking due to close contacts, either in the classroom (close contacts with students or staff) OR from contact with positive cases in the home.
  • When a student or staff member tests positive for COVID 19, they will have to isolate for the required five days AND wear a mask when they return to school for the remainder of the ten-day period.
  • The COVID matrix will no longer be used. Patrons and staff will still get a weekly update on the district's COVID numbers.
  • Patrons and staff will still be notified, specifically in the lower grades, when there is a COVID case in a specific classroom.
  • Custer School District recognizes that masking will now be a personal choice, with the one exception, and that patrons have the right to wear as well as not wear masks.
  • The Custer School District school board will meet in case of health emergencies to make operational decisions.