**7:18am at Super 8 area and 7:21am at the Sentinel Federal Credit Union.

    **There will be a bus that will stop at Lynn’s in the AM for pick up at 7:26 am.

    **After school, the Pass Creek bus (turkey picture in the window) drops off at the Purple Pie Place/Super 8 area.  Carrol Creek bus (dog picture in the window) drops off at Shopko. 


    If your child(ren) uses bus transportation, please help us communicate with your child that we have posted pictures of animals in the bus window (next to the bus door) for your child to easily identify the bus they ride.  Many times, bus drivers and bus numbers change.  Please make sure your child gets on the correct bus by having your child look for the specific picture that has been assigned to each bus route:

                BUS ROUTE assigned picture:

                Hazelrodt – Turtle

                Carroll Creek – Dog               

                Hermosa – Hornet

                Pass Creek – Turkey

                Pringle – Elk

                Custer School District bus (the small bus) – Mouse


    6 pm Co-Curricular Bus Usage 

    The Activity Bus that goes to Hermosa from Custer at 6 pm during the school week is for Co-Curricular activity participants only. The bus will not be responsible for transporting students staying after school for ICU. Students that stay after school for ICU help need to contact their parents or find alternate transportation.