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Substitute Teaching

Join Us as a Substitute Teacher: Make a Difference on Your Terms

Are you passionate about education and seeking a flexible and impactful role? Consider becoming a substitute teacher for Custer School District. As a substitute, you play a crucial role in maintaining continuity in the learning environment and stepping in when needed. Here's why being a substitute teacher with us is a fulfilling and dynamic opportunity:

Flexibility with Purpose: Life can be unpredictable, and so can the needs of our schools. As a substitute teacher, you have the flexibility to choose your assignments, allowing you to balance personal commitments while contributing to the education of our students. Be the bridge that ensures learning never stops.

Valuable Experience: Whether you're an aspiring educator, a recent graduate, or someone with a passion for learning, being a substitute teacher offers valuable experience. Gain insights into various classrooms, teaching styles, and student dynamics. It's a hands-on opportunity to refine your skills and make a positive impact.

Community Connection: Join a community of educators dedicated to making a difference. As a substitute teacher, you'll have the chance to work with diverse teams, build relationships with students, and contribute to the collaborative spirit that defines Custer School District. Your role is essential in maintaining the continuity of education.

Ready to be a vital part of our educational community? Explore substitute teaching opportunities at any of our schools and embark on a rewarding journey where your flexibility and passion for education make a meaningful impact.

Becoming a Substitute Teacher

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Unlock Fulfillment in Retirement with Substitute Teaching 

As a retiree, embrace a flexible schedule that allows you to choose when and where you make a difference. Your wealth of experience becomes a valuable asset as you mentor and share wisdom with students. Substitute teaching keeps you active, engaged, and connected with the community, offering a purposeful role that aligns with your passion for education. Join us in shaping young minds and leaving a lasting impact.