• Our music program includes Pre-K through Fifth Grade General Music class, Fifth through Eighth Grade Band, Choir, Theater, and Middle School Exploratory classes. When you walk by our classroom you may hear ukuleles, recorders, Tamboo Bamboo, rhythm instruments, guitars, Boomwhackers, Orff instruments, singing, handbells, panpipes, drums, tubanos, found sounds, band instruments, body percussion, electronic instruments, and laughter. Students play, sing, create, write, accompany, read and perform the music of a variety of cultures. 

    Thousands of scientific and academic studies have shown music education improves academic achievement, builds communication skills, fosters creativity, develops teamwork and increases engagement in school. At Hermosa, students develop a background in music and musicianship that prepares them for a wide range of further educational and vocational activities that include music as a component. We not only teach kids to create great music but also use music to create great kids.