• NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)


    What is NWEA? 
    Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping school districts throughout the nation improve learning for all students. NWEA partners with more than 2,200 school districts representing more than three million students. As a result of NWEA tests, educators can make informed decisions to promote your child’s academic growth.

    What is the MAP NWEA Assessment? 

    NWEA’s MAP computerized adaptive tests are called Measure of Academic Progress, or MAP. When taking a MAP test, the difficulty of each question is based on how well a student answers all the previous questions. As the student answers correctly, questions become more difficult. If the student answers incorrectly, the questions become easier. In an optimal test, a student answers approximately half the items correctly and half incorrectly. The final score is an estimate of the student’s achievement level.

    Do all students in the same grade take the same test? 

    No. NWEA assessments are designed to target a student’s academic performance in reading, language usage, mathematics, and science. These tests are tailored to an individual’s current achievement level. This gives each student a fair opportunity to show what he or she knows and can do. If a school uses MAP, the computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a unique test.  Students K-12 in the Custer School District take this assessment to monitor progress over time so that parents can see student progress toward learning goals and teachers can tailor instruction to meet student needs.

    What can I do as a parent? 

    Three kinds of parental involvement at home are consistently associated with higher student achievement:
    • Actively organizing and monitoring a child’s time at home
    • Encourage and provide the structure that makes sure homework is completed
    • Discussing school matters and ask your student each day, "What did you learn today?"

    How do teachers use the test scores? 

    NWEA tests are important to teachers because they keep track of progress and growth in basic skills. They let teachers know where a student’s strengths are and if help is needed in any specific areas. Teachers use this information to help them guide instruction in the classroom.  NWEA provides our schools and district the opportunity to analyze where professional development may be needed to improve student achievement as well.  This process benefits students as well by continuing to provide our students with the best education possible.